MCX is an Interactive game within the world of Second Life. Designed around the motorcycle club theme, we have found a great way to create a community driven game for the residents of Second Life.

The MCX Game System is a completely innovative way to enhance roleplay within one’s MC (Motorcycle Club). MCX supports lone wolf bikers and motorcycle clubs as well. Using MCX your MC can truly ride or die together. There is combat with rival MCs, bounties on enemy players, riding to gain Street Cred and Renown, exploring locations to find Beacons all over the world of Second Life, and drug pickups/drops, all of which help your MC rise to the top as the baddest MC around.

Frequently asked questions

Why does my HUD keep detaching after I put it on?

You need to wear the HUD and the Cut at the same time or the HUD will Detach.

What do I do if I want to leave my MC

You use the Flake Out Grenade to leave your current MC and become unaffiliated. You can then be recruited to another MC or you can go it alone.

How does the Combat System Work?

The system does have a combat mechanism but it is minimal and doesnt involve the beacons,

How do I get a Beacon on my land?

You can get a beacon from our Marketplace Store.